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Festivity Events Center - Prime Entertainment

8400 Massard Rd., Fort Smith, AR 72916
Telephone: 423.767.8444
Contact Email: akkineni20@yahoo.com

*Coming Spring 2022

Contact Name: Festivity Event Center
Type: Commercial
FCRA Address: Massard Road, Fort Smith

Recent News

Jan 2, 2022

From factory expansions to a proposed movie studio, 2021 has been a year of major growth for Chaffee Crossing.

Dec 21, 2021

The Fort Chaffee Board of Directors approved the sale of nearly 20 acres of land to TGE Global Entertainment to build a $30 million film and television studio. The project is to be named TGE Spark Studios. 

Dec 20, 2021

A Los Angeles-based film company, TGE Global Entertainment, Inc.,  plans to build a $30 million film studio in Chaffee Crossing. 

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