8:00 am - 1:00 pm - Second Saturdays May thru October


MAY 14 - Market Kickoff

JUNE 11 - My City Is A Fort

JULY 9 - American Pie
AUGUST 13 - Dog Days of Summer

SEPTEMBER 10 - Rockin' Good Time

OCTOBER 8 - OktoberFest






The CCFAM is shifting two blocks east to Ellis St. The market will still be located in the Chaffee Crossing Historic District and the Chaffee Crossing Entertainment District. We believe this is a great move that will allow all vendors to be on pavement, avoid wet weather issues. and provide significant space for market expansion in the future. Note that food trucks may be on the small gravel parking lot until it is paved this summer. 





Vendor Rates


$150   Season

$40     Open market rate

$20     Farmers & Kids (17 and under)

$10     Additional for oversize booth (12'x12')

$70     Double booth

$5       Electricity (limited availability)



Frequently Asked Questions


Where can vendors park? In the parking lot at the corner of Ward Ave. and Fort Chaffee Blvd. This will be reserved specifically for vendors, however, vendors may also park in other parking areas. 


Are vendors required to help set up and break down before and after the market? In order to keep the market going and sustainable, we respectfully ask all vendors to chip in and help with the setup and breakdown of tables, tents, chairs, trash receptacles, signs, etc. that are provided as a courtesy for customers to entice them to stay and shop longer with vendors. Vendors will receive information on how to participate prior to the market. If every vendor gives an extra 30 minutes for this effort, everyone can go home happy and healthy in a reasonable amount of time. 


Can vendors break down early? We ask that vendors respect one another and the customers by NOT breaking down booths before 1:00 pm. Failure to comply without pre-approval from the Market Manager or a CCHPO representative may result in the vendor not being invited back to future markets. 


Can booth vendors sell water and soft drinks? Out of respect for the food truck and beverage booth vendors, we ask that non-food and beverage vendors DO NOT sell bottled or canned drinks. 


Are vendors required to have a Tax ID/EIN number? NO.


If I have a Tax ID number, do I still have to turn in a sales tax form?  YES. You must pick up a sales tax form before the market opens and complete the entire form. You can either submit the sales tax you collect that day with the form at the end of the market OR you can fill out the top of the form and write on the bottom that you plan to submit the taxes collected that day with your regular sales tax submission to the State of Arkansas. Either way, you must return the form to the CCHPO Vendor Check-In tent BEFORE you leave. All vendors must submit a sales tax form at the end of the market per state law. CCHPO will submit a complete vendor list and the returned forms to the State of Arkansas DF&A office. 


What if I DON’T have a Tax ID Number? If you do not have a Tax ID Number, you are required by Arkansas law to submit applicable sales taxes under your social security number on the date of the market. You must pick up the tax form at the CCHPO Vendor Check-In tent before the market opens and return it after the market closes with the sales taxes collected. All vendors must submit a sales tax form at the end of the market per state law. CCHPO will submit a complete vendor list, the returned forms, and all taxes collected back to the State of Arkansas DF&A office. 


What are the guidelines for homemade foods?  Check out the Arkansas Food Freedom Act for complete details about what homemade and canned foods can and cannot be sold. 



Recent News

Mar 29, 2022

Since 1975 and the arrival of Vietnamese refugees, Fort Chaffee has been a relocation center for those displaced from their homes due to war and natural disasters. Because of Fort Chaffee, a Vietnamese community took hold in Fort Smith. The work at Fort Chaffee and area sponsors helped Vietnamese people relocate after trips by boats and airplanes to flee Vietnam at the end of the war.

Mar 25, 2022

On this day 64 years ago, the “haircut heard 'round the world” changed music history forever. As a 23-year-old Elvis Presley sat in the barber’s chair at Fort Chaffee barbershop in Fort Smith, Arkansas, his disappearing signature sideburns and pompadour unequivocally confirmed what lie ahead - a two-year tour of duty in the US Army and, much to the dismay of millions of fans around the world, a lengthy postponement of his trailblazing ascent as the young "King of Rock ’n' Roll." In a light-hearted moment with the onlooking press, Elvis jested, “Hair today, gone tomorrow!”

Mar 24, 2022

Elvis Presley got his GI buzz at the Fort Chaffee Barbershop 64 years ago. On Saturday, March 26 this year, free haircuts will be offered again to commemorate the historic buzz cut.

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