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Chaffee Crossing is home to more than 120 businesses from manufacturing to health care, tourism outdoor recreation, commercial services to government agencies, oil and gas to digital communications. The list is rapidly changing and growing.

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DSC_0523 edit.jpg
Address: 7712 Taylor Avenue, Fort Smith, AR 72916

Arkhola A CRH Company.jpg
Address: 1010 Frontier Road

ARCOM building photo2.jpg
Address: 7700 Chad Colley Blvd., Fort Smith, AR 72916

ARCOM building photo.jpg
Address: 7000 Chad Colley Blvd., Fort Smith, AR 72916

ARCB Logo w Tag Navy 541C and Seafoam 3248C Final__.jpg
Address: McClure Drive

arkansasgfd logo.png
Address: 8401 Massard Rd.

ATU Academic_Prim_HRZ LF_Oz_FC_A.jpg
Address: 12211 Ward Street

Address: 8101 McClure Drive, Fort Smith, AR 72916

Artifex323 logo SMALL.jpg
Address: 7000 Mahogany Avenue

DSC_0427 edited.jpg
Address: McClure Drive across from ArcBest Corporation HQ

Address: Hwy. 59 North, Barling

Address: 7601 Veterans Avenue

Address: 11709 Sagebrush Lane

Address: 12920 Brittany Dr.

Address: 7803-A Wells Lake Road

Branchout Studios.png
Address: 7405 Terry St.

Address: 8101 McClure Dr., Ste. 200, Fort Smith, AR 72916

Name: Bridal Lounge
Address: 7301 Terry Street

Address: 7500 Wells Lake Rd.

Name: C.U.R.E.
Address: 7506 Fort Chaffee Blvd.

Address: 7208 Mahogany Ave.

Address: 11300 Roberts Blvd.

Address: 309 Bolder Drive Van Buren, AR

Address: 7200 Mahogany Ave.

Address: 7300 Wells Lake Rd.

Address: 7408 Buckhorn St..

Address: 6911 Veterans Ave.

Deer Trails Golf color logo.jpg
Address: 11707 Custer Blvd.

Address: 12912 Tuscany Ave.

Address: Terry St.

Address: Ward Ave.

Address: Ward Ave.

Address: Massard Rd. / I-549

Address: NW of Sewer Lagoons

Address: 7504 Collier St.

Fort Smith Brewing Co small.jpg
Address: 7500 Fort Chaffee Blvd

Address: 8900 Massard Rd.

Address: 12105 Ward Ave.

Address: 7421 Terry Street

Garrets Body Shop logo.jpg
Address: 11716 Sagebrush Lane, Fort Smith, AR 72916

Address: 6708 Mahogany Ave.

Name: Glatfelter
Address: 8201 Chad Colley Blvd.

Address: 10300 Roberts Blvd.

Address: 8405 Veterans Ave.

Address: Roberts Blvd.

Hardwood Tree Museum.jpg
Address: 8751 McClure Dr., Fort Smith

Address: 7424 Ellis St.

Address: Wells Lake Rd.

Address: 7107 Wintergreen-Barling

Address: Roberts Blvd.

Address: 9601 Black Bear Road

Address: 8300 Wells Lake Rd.

JKC Cellars logo.png
Address: 7709 Ellis St., Fort Smith, AR 72916

Links logo.jpg
Address: 11707 Custer Boulevard, Fort Smith, AR 72916

Address: 7428 Ellis St./11821 Darby Ave.

Name: Mars Petcare
Address: 10000 Roberts Blvd.

Address: 7801 Massard Road

Address: 7601 Taylor Ave.

Address: 7000 Taylor Ave. Ste. 2

Address: Bldgs. 5708-5713 & 5716

Address: Wells Lake Rd.

Address: Massard Road

Name: Oak Bower
Address: 8200 Chad Colley Blvd.

Address: 8101 Flagstone Road

OFF logo.jpg
Address: 7606 Fort Chaffee Blvd

Name: Olgoonik
Address: 11709 Sage Brush Lane

PCSI Logo.png
Address: 7413 Terry St., Fort Smith, AR 72916

Address: 9701 Roberts Blvd

Address: Mahogany Ave.

Address: 7402 Ellis Street Fort Smith, AR 72916

Address: Wells Lake Rd.

Name: R.U.M., Inc.
Address: 8801 Wells Lake Rd

Address: Massard Rd.

Address: 400 Frontier Rd., Barling, AR 72923

River Valley Community Church logo.jpg
Address: 7030 Taylor Avenue, Ste. 1

Address: 11712 Sagebrush

Name: RMC, Inc.
Address: 7601 Wintergreen Ave.

Address: 7909 Veterans Ave.

Address: 7312 Mahogany Ave.

Address: 7425 Terry Street

Address: 6700 Mahogany Avenue

Address: Terry St.

Address: Massard Rd.

Address: Chad Colley Blvd.

Address: 7515 Mahogany Ave.

Address: Massard Rd.

Address: 8801 Wells Lake Rd

Address: 5706 Calloway Lane (off Chad Colley Blvd.)

Address: 7201 Wintergreen Avenue

Address: 9707 Black Bear Trail

Name: The Cottages
Address: 6700 Veterans Ave., Fort Smith

Address: Wells Lake Rd.

Learning Fields color.jpg
Address: 7300 Gardener Ave., Fort Smith, AR 72916-5011

Address: Frontier Rd.

Address: 9505 Chad Colley Blvd. Apt 1208

Address: 7601 Wintergreen Ave.

Address: 8707 Gracie Lane

Address: 7800 Collier St.

Address: 7030 Taylor Avenue Suite 4

Address: 7000 Taylor, Suite 3

Name: Umarex USA
Address: 7700 Chad Colley Blvd.

Address: 7900 Taylor Ave

Address: 7618 Taylor Ave.

Address: 12112 Redwood Dr.

Address: 7700 Chad Colley Blvd.

Address: 7308 Ellis St.

Address: 12912 Liberty Street

Chaff_RVlogo_Final SMALL.jpg
Address: 11555 Darby Ave.

WCHW 500x300.jpg
Address: 8101 McClure Drive, Fort Smith, AR 72916

Name: Yogaterrium
Address: 7424 Ellis St., Ste. B, Fort Smith, AR 72916

Recent News

May 21, 2020

FCRA executive director and CEO, Daniel Mann contributed a guest editorial for the May 20 digital edition of The Fort Report. He shares a lot of good news about good things happening in Chaffee Crossing.

May 21, 2020

USA TODAY reported this week on the WalletHub study that looked at more than 180 cities and took into account 15 metrics for each in two categories: recreation; and rest and relaxation. The amenities developed in Chaffee Crossing are some of the reasons Fort Smith, Arkansas, was chosen as the #6 best place for a "staycation" during the summer of 2020 pandemic.

May 20, 2020

The Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE) graduated its inaugural Master of Science in Biomedicine (MSB) class in a virtual ceremony on Saturday. ACHE is located in Fort Smith’s Chaffee Crossing.

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